Public outreach

Our recent fieldwork in the Republic of the Congo, the Expedition Neuron supported by the Neuron – Fund for Support of Science, is getting the Czech media’s attention, e.g.:

Czech Television – Studio ČT24 (interview starts at the time 3:42:00)









Czech Radio Region – Vysočina

Czech Radio Plus

Právo (front page)

Reportér magazín

Ego! Magazín Hospodářských novin (we almost got a front cover) and online version

Třebíčský deník and its online version with more photos and a short report

…or see a video on the Muzeum 3000 web

…or listen to an audio in Neuron Stories (both in Czech ;))


Our research has further been presented in interviews for news, magazines, and radios, e.g.:




Radio Zet

Czech Radio Radiožurnál, Lidové noviny and others…


Many thanks to all for the attention given to our research!


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