Public outreach

CT_Studio_CT24_2020-10-12The first record of the highly threatened Natterjack Toad in Czech Silesia, and the need for its conservation, has been mentioned by some media, e.g. Czech Television: Studio ČT24 (interview starts at the time 15:51).



Herpetological research has been popularized in Laboratoř of the Czech Radio Plus:
13 June 2020
9 November 2019 & 18 April 2020 (rebroadcast)
31 August 2019



Our 2020 discovery and descriptions of two critically endangered new species of frogs from Cameroon received some attention in the Czech media, e.g. Czech TelevisionVěda 24 & Studio ČT24 (interview starts at the time 1:53:18), several radio stations, and internet media.




Two documentary films by Living Zoology about our field research in the Congo (Mysterious Crocodile of the Congo) and Cameroon (Finding Frogs in Cameroon), respectively, have been broadcasted by the Czech TV channel Prima Zoom since 2019.







Our 2017 fieldwork in the Republic of the Congo, the Expedition Neuron supported by the Neuron – Fund for Support of Science, attracted Czech media’s attention, e.g.:

Czech TelevisionStudio ČT24 (interview starts at the time 3:42:00)

Věda 24









Czech Radio Dvojka

Czech Radio Region – Vysočina

Czech Radio Plus

Czech Radio Sever

Právo (front page)

Reportér magazín

Ego! Magazín Hospodářských novin (we almost got a front cover) and online version

Třebíčský deník and its online version with more photos and a short report

…or see a video on the Muzeum 3000 web

…or listen to an audio in Neuron Stories (both in Czech ;))


Our research has further been presented in interviews for news, magazines, and radios, e.g.:




Radio Zet

Czech Radio Radiožurnál, Lidové noviny and others…


…& Matej (as Living Zoology) is having success in various photo and video contests, e.g., Czech Press Photo, Věda fotogenická, Festival Rajbas






Many thanks to all for the attention given to our and general herpetological research!

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