Václav (aka Vašek /vashek/) is a researcher in the Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Studenec, where he started his position in 2014.

Vašek  has also a part-time position in the National Museum in Prague, Department of Zoology.


He is an associate editor in Herpetology Notes, and a member of several international scientific societies.


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Research interests

– evolution, speciation and phylogenetic diversification of vertebrates using molecular-genetic approaches (including genomic applications), analyses of phenotype and biogeographic applications
– phylogeography, phylogenetics and biogeography of vertebrates of the Palearctic and Afrotropic ecozones
– molecular systematics and integrative taxonomy of amphibians and reptiles
– biodiversity of Africa and its conservation, the Congo Basin
– herpetology

Effective species conservation relies on a good knowledge of the biodiversity richness. This further helps us to better understand inter-organismal relationships in ecosystems and evolutionary processes. Africa is one of the least scientifically-explored regions of the World, particularly the Congo Basin. Knowledge of the biodiversity and distribution patterns in Africa therefore deserves detailed study.


Academic history

Postdoctoral fellowship (2012-2013), Biogeography Research Group, University of Basel

Ph.D. (2010), Zoology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague & Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Liběchov & Department of Zoology, National Museum, Prague

M.Sc. (2003), Biology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague & Department of Zoology, National Museum, Prague

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