Tadeáš NEČASPhryno_mini

Tadeáš is a MSc student (Masaryk University, Brno) and his study is mainly focusing on morphological diversification of African anurans from different taxonomic ranks, aiming particularly Phrynobatrachus (Phrynobatrachidae) and hyperoliid frogs (Hyperoliidae).

Within his BSc thesis, he studied diversity of miniature Phrynobatrachus frogs from high altitudes in mountains of the Cameroon Volcanic Line (Cameroon-Nigeria).



Zdenek_HarcaZdeněk HARCAslepys_krehky

Zdeněk is an undergraduate student (Masaryk University, Brno) with interests in reptiles and geography.

His bachelor thesis is focusing on distributions of mitochondrial DNA haplotypes of the two slow-worm lizards present in the Czech Republic (Anguis fragilis, A. colchica).





Albert_Lotana_Lokasola_1Albert LOTANA LOKASOLAVaranus_sd3_DSC_0446

Albert is an external member of our team from the University of Kisangani, DR Congo, now a PhD student. His MSc study (defended 2018) was focusing on the lizard fauna of the northern Central Congo Basin, namely the Maringa-Lopori-Wamba Landscape.




Frantisek_SnitilyFrantišek SNÍTILÝArthroleptis_sylvaticus_sd2-DSC_0355b

František did his MSc at the Masaryk University (Brno, defended 2018) studying diversity of squeaker frogs (Arthroleptis) from Central African rainforests. Within his BSc thesis, he focused on the DNA barcoding of amphibians of the Dzanga-Sangha Forest Reserve, Central African Republic (CAR). The study was realized in cooperation with the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (David Modrý), and Institute of Parasitology, Czech Academy of Sciences (Miloslav Jirků) and their research activities in CAR.



Gaby_sd2_DSC_0337Gabriel BADJEDJEA BABANGENGEcommunities_sd1_DSC_0480a

Gabriel successfully defended his MSc thesis at the University of Kisangani in 2017. His study was focusing the diversity of amphibians in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is an external member of our team, presently as a PhD student.




Helena_SifrovaHelena ŠIFROVÁAnguis_fragilis_pair

Helena defended her MSc thesis (2017) in biology/zoology at the Charles University, Prague. She studied genetic variation and the contact zone of slow-worm lizards (Anguis) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.







Kateřina did her BSc (2016) in biology/zoology at the Masaryk University (Brno) with a thesis focusing on diversity and morphology of Central African torrent frogs (Petropedetes), with a special emphasis on a yet undescribed species from the northern Cameroon Volcanic Line.

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